More Storage

Imagine, however, that storage rental be available ingame (however ingame economically and lore fittingly realized) 8)

One could then pay to have just the capacity needed for one‘s needs of the moment, go then about the business of gathering up the needed ingredients and eventually close up the day‘s efforts with a session of crafting and stowing of the crafted items, the which to in the end so therewith dispose as one deems fitting.

For this purpose you could maybe borrow additional packers from local tribes. In addition to paying with dappers, maybe bind the borrowing privilege/costs to the fame you must have with the particular tribe, which would add meaning to the tribes and the fame you have with them.
As it is now, you can have different limits of borrowable packers for F2P and P2P.

One thing to work out for this, would be the modalities of returning the packer. Will it just leave you after a certain amount of time (regardless if you're things are still on it) or do you need to return it, but what happens if you return it late or not at all?


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