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Maybe an electoral college is needed to push it over the edge :)
Curious ... what's giving you headaches ? mat storage ... regular every day gear storage ?


As to mat storage ... while digging or looting in the field by way of gathering enough to meaningfully begin crafting as intended, the storage capacity on location often consists of some mere fraction of one‘s own inventory, the rest having necessarily been taken up by the equipment needed in order to so function in the field. The consequence is then, crafting on site can but produce a scant few of the to be crafted items or even none at all. It often is necessary to make several trips to and fro in order to dig up or loot enough of the resources needed to craft.

You say perhaps: ‚because ryzom‘ and ‚so is the game … live with it!‘ Fine. Agreed. But that does not make it any less desirable nor any less one‘s unspoken desire, that a bit more generosity become shown in service to those, to whom such complications all too drastically slow their progress and productivity in crafting.

As to the storage of one‘s gear: in end effect, the same situation.

Imagine, however, that storage rental be available ingame (however ingame economically and lore fittingly realized) 8)

One could then pay to have just the capacity needed for one‘s needs of the moment, go then about the business of gathering up the needed ingredients and eventually close up the day‘s efforts with a session of crafting and stowing of the crafted items, the which to in the end so therewith dispose as one deems fitting. What a pleasant situation by comparison to the ot this day existing compulsions. 8) And how much more alluring that would make the paying for a subscription in the view of routinely only F2P players!

After all, such an arrangement would surely prove to be much more convenient and much less of a hassle for the F2P player then the creation and the subsequent handling of multiple F2P player accounts and its player characters needed to approach the same level of capacity and playability.

Yet, subbing instead would be even more convenient and pleasantly playable, while nevertheless being less costly, as much in dappers as in needed playing time investment. 8)

Add to that consideration the saving aspect of that rental possibility for the per mishap (sub ran out) suddenly become F2P formerly and normally subbing player, and you will likely be more inclined to agree with my assessment, that such ingame storage rental surely prove incentive giving for subbing, seeing as the game, in itself, be so enjoyable and given that the subscription cost be in point of fact truly modest, especially in comparison to so many other online games (and even compared to offline games purchasing).
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