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[Patch] Daily missions (2019-12-02)

This would be quite challenging to answer word-for-word, so instead I'll just cover the general ideas:

I know talking about it in the forums won't change things, due to the team's tiny size. But at the very least, I'd prefer if we called the issues by their proper names. If one won't acknowledge something is potentially an issue, it won't really get a fix anytime soon...

1.  Season Restricted Mobs:  Yes they do exists ... I have yet to encounter one in DMs.  if this occurs, I think we can agree that it would need to be fixed.  That will only happen however if players rport tham.  There are forum threads to do this:


2.  Learning Curve: I understand the point ... but how did you experience diugging ?  I hated it, I didn't understand it ... in starter island I went loooking for wood in areas where there were trees ... logical but not IG reality based.  Getting started like most things in Ryzom will involve showing new guildies / players the ropes.   I do see an issue with new players in that at most they are leveling 1 or 2 craft trees and harvesting in only one region .  But then again, how many of these folks were doing occupations when they came out.  This will no doubt need some attention as time goes on.

3.  Kill a Spawn Thing:  yes this exists, but I have yet to encounter in doing DMs.  If it appears, it should be addressed.   I expect it will be if reported.

4.  Expectations:  I don't really "get" why there was an expactaion of spawns being anything other than what golks observe.  I notived it when using BM tool and electing a mob to grind on, ater i killed 3 of the targeted level ... they wouldn't respawn till we killed their little brothers and sisters. Ask the question; remeber the answer.

5.  Above and Beyond:  Im a bit thrown off by the expectation that eveythiung must be accomplishable on any given day.  I initially raised the issue that I can't be expected to kill a plod, but when I got the answer.  I ahd no answer to that question .  is  it wrong that sometimes I can dig a mat in PR sometimes and other times I can't ?  Is it wrong that sometimes I can solo or trek in a team of 3 to any region sometimes and sometimes i can't ?  I certainly have the desire to complete every mission I am assigned, but when devs answer that a player should not expect to be able to complete ever mission solo, I can accept that.  I'd like for every one ofr crafts not to agreed, but devs decided Im only going toi succeed 85% of the time.  However as time has gone on and more folks take up DMs, I find myself helping others and they help me in return.  Especially true with crafting ... dig your mats together with another player v... then you craft the tings they can't and they craft the things you can'r ... yeah teaming ... not a popular concept of late.  But id this helps great.

6.  Frustration / Dubious content:  I am having trouble seeing the point here.   here's my take.

a)  Doing Level 2 WC and MC occupations over and over and over again, never varying , never using the products, never advancing to higher level skills and never getting better rewards by advancing and just handing them in to "get stuff"  was our lot in life.

b)  Doing mostly different stuff every day for more rewards + secondary rewards (from the mission and from the DM Bonus) and wherby the more you advance and the more diversify the bigger the rewards is a bad thing.

7.  Calling the Issues / Issues:  If ya notice... there's a series of threads on the forums for the issues to be reported.  But what if an issue is not an issue ?

a)  A player reports that they took a mission to take a largen parcel somehwere.  They get thee anmd they can't hand in ... wait it's not there to hand in.   Is the mission broken or did they not notice that the parcel was too big for the little space they had available in bag as was stated in sysinfo  ?  two perfecty viable answers.   But if we say that yes, the should hav ebeen a more onbious warning .... doesn't that also mean that when fighting an NPC bpss... should there be a more obvious warnng that if ya 20m away, you see your spell fire, you see it hit, but because you aree soi far away, you are doing 0 damage.  I never heard anyone complain ... you were told about it, do you still need the warning ?

b)  Can't find NPC:   I made the fame table you see here in February 2017 ...

https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/25037/2 5

I have been looking for Lookaash since then.  had missions to deliver stuffm to them and, as you likely know... no blue flags for green missions so I dropped them.  Then I get a craft mission to deliver to him and there's the blue flag.  yeah, now i gote him.  Why had I not found before ?  BM and Silenda had his name spelled wrong.

Again the % of broken mission is very low.  Yes we should expect missions to be fixed.   More so we should try and help eathr other to determine from other's experiences whether they in fact need to be fixed.  And report them so this can happen.  Since DMs began, like 12 missions have been reported.

With 11,000 missioins in game ... while I see that as a rather small thing, yes each one should be fixed .  I have yet to see where anyone has said othrwise.


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