Patch Daily missions (2019-12-02)

It stands to reason that someone who has played more than most people have worked in an eight-year stretch would have a different idea of what is fun and what is acceptable than those who treat Ryzom as a game instead of a job. But yes, the player base is far more diverse than that.

Some of us play less than 20 hours a week. A lot of folks started less than five years ago. There are quite a few that don't even have any masters, let alone 20+. Ryzom isn't just for grognards!

No... what does not stand to reason is why factual discussion of the issue on topic is not taking place and instead sidestepping to personal attacks and name calling.  Especially when you previously asked me about your playing time calculations and I explained what I will repeat again.

Before the  attempt at throwing shade for what you choose to think is "playing time", you might have considered that many folks rarely ever log out. Especially, considering your tag line, you may log out when your done playing .. but perhaps you might have considered that not everyone is playing when logged in ? No ?

Have you ever seen ~ Fyrosfreddy in a chat window ? That's because I don't bother to launch rocketchat when I'm at work eating lunch, or whatever, I just alt tab to the game that's running in the background. I may have evolver running 24 hours to develop a new recipe, checking when taking a break from shoveling snow and peek IG to see if I have any PMs waiting.

We go days w/o seeing Sarpedonia and he might be present for maybe 10 minutes over 3 or 4 days. While working, sleeping, eating, volunteering, our toons often remain logged in. Ryzom is played by many folks throughout the world, I often leave my toons logged in for days in a row so as to allow guildoids to leave messages on things that they need or for others to ask questions. You ever think it's weird that ya never see ~Freddy in chats ... you log in from web apps , I just alt tab to a the game instead of Rocket chat.

Finally, thousands of hours were spent creating and revising Bunny Tools over the last 14 years. Originally the math was developed from patch notes and observations only.   Later, after the game went open source, game data was used to refine things.   Also spent 100s of our helping Arc with accuracy revisions to KipeeCraft.  The Forum posts for Race Fame, Tribe Fame, occupations, developing recipes, etc  and other guides ... again, same thing ... development of these items requires one to be in game. And also had many helpers with some of these efforts ... especially the exe mats tool and the still uncompleted PR tools. These were left in PMs on screen as the day went buy and continued while sleeping.

Many tasks are daunting when you first start. A large % of the player base has a master before they even start harvesting. When asked why the most common answers are "It's hard, ... it's boring... I don't like it ... it's not fun" .... sound familiar ? I was one of them.

But then .... I actually tried it and low and behold ... once I got past the early stages, it was not boring, I enjoyed it. That change was not impacted by how many hours I played the game, how many masters I had ... it came from 1 thing and 1 thing only ... I actually made an effort at doing what was the subject of discussion. I had low angle, I had low speed, I had no knowledge with where the mats were and safe ways to get there ...waahhhhhhh ! This is not fun !

There is nothing new about DMs. They are the same missions that have been here for 15 years. No doubt the 1st time folks discovered Rites, "these are hard, how am I supposed to find the NPCs ?". But then the walkthrus were placed on the forums and now the stuff that was too hard has been completed by almost everyone.   Some people won't tackle a task till there is no effort involved.  Just like that song .... "That ain't workin' that's the way you do it; Money for nothin' and your chicks for free". Occupations are a great example. Figuring out all the recipes was "too hard" ... but then it kinda got "fun" once all the recipes were posted and no effort was involved.

Every choice in game will be decided by whether the reward is worth the time, effort and resources. DMs are no different in this regard. Some folks won't want to bother until you can read a step by step "to do list" on how to complete the mission w/o investing any T & E.

My acceptance of DMs had nothing to do with how long I played
.. how long I left my puter on and toon logged in while living a normal life as a business owner, father and community / professional volunteer, how many masters I had or hpow long I had actually played the game.  The only thing it did have to do with ... and hence the actual difference in our experiences is that I had actually done missions that weren't on a list somewhere.

There are parts of the game that have nothing to do with earning rewards or grinding levels.  AsmodeusMogart set a goal of completing every mission in game.   Why ?  Ask the guy who climbed Everest  ... because it's there.   Having already accomplished the goal of having a safe haven in every camp, I set out to get max fame with all tribes.  Why ?  because they are there ... its "content".  And that is the "crux of the biscuit' so to speak ... they why which explains the different experience.

Just like digging ... once you have the mats flagged, one you know the safe paths to get there, once you know where the NPCs that give the high paying craft missions, the rules to Kitin lair, it's ceases to be "hard" to do any of those things.  You just have to make the time investment in learning the ropes ... Just like occupations, if you actually did the work, it was hard ... then it wasn't.  If you didn't do the work, just benefited from others T & E ... well welcome to earning ya way.

Again, time spent in game, number of masters is irrelevant.   The time you spent digging in a region made it easier to dig in that region because it's the very thing, the specific thing that gains the necessary knowledge that makes it routine or easy.   Of course if you never or rarely did it, it's harder because you don't have the experience doing that ONE thing.  In other words, missions are just like everything else in the game ... the more you do it, the easier it gets.   Starting to complain the 1st day in doesn't really supply one with a valid PoV.

Yes, it's more difficult in the beginning ... it's supposed to be.  I had problems finding NPCs ... that made it hard, now i have all the spots flagged ... easy.   And I didn't have the benefit of blue flags, .... I had problems finding Mission Mats, but with the aid of BM / Silenda and asking other players I can find almost any mat.    I was spending about 2.5 hours a day at the start ..earlier this week, had my best day w/ 31 minutes.  Some days I just do quick ones as too busy to be in game (still logged in tho),  otherwise engaged or just not motivated .

But to date ... (DMs IIRC were put in game Dec 2)

January Broken Mission Rate:  3.30%
Febuary Broken Mission Rate:  3.90%

Total No. of Broken Missions Reported in 250 regions:

Loria: 7
Void:  2
GoC: 1
Desert: 1

With 11,000 missions in game ... not really a big thing

In closing, I had the same frustrations as you when I started doing tribe missions ... Rob+ was a great help in and later Asmo.  The exact same experience I had with digging ; hated it till Jesse got me started and gave me tips ... by level 60 it was bearable... before my 1st master I was amazed how much easier it was the more knowledge that was absorbed.

@FyrosFreddy - Maybe it's all a huge miscommunication, but if we can't communicate then we'll never agree.

We do agree that nothing will be fixed anytime soon. The real question is whether or not our feedback actually matters. I have about 7 years of evidence leading me to "No" and very little to counter it.

If we can stick with the issues in the game and set aside the personal comments, I don't see this being an issue.

As to whether it matters, I would think Ulu's and Moniq's answers address the topic better than I could.


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