Guide to Broken / Possibly Broken Missions - Void (Jungle 250)

Would likely call thisĀ  a glitch rather than brokenĀ  ... unless of course, others en counter the same problem.

Edit: Must be a Glitch. I got cred on the 3rd kill but I did observe this ....

a) The one I got not get cred for, I finished it off while running throwing enchants.

b) Next mission was to loot (5) pieces of Ocyx ... on 1st kill I got (2) ... on 2nd kill I got (2) .... low on HP, I used two double spells and then ran off to finish with an enchant. Spawn was a mix of (2) Awesomes and (5) terrifying which were too low. Trying to rush it I wold throw (2) spells, and finish off w/ enchants .... after killing (3) spawns, I finally decided to skip the enchants and got cred.

c) Next mission was to loot (1) Kincher and (1) Kipesta both 235+. The pesta went down w/ 3 spells. Killed (3) kinchers w/ combo of spells and enchants ... no cred. Last one killed w/ just spells and got credit.

Bad luck or does using enchants impact the probability of kill creds or loot drops on missions ?


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