Guide to Broken / Possible Broken Daily Missions (Parent)

This is intended to be a "parent" post to keep track of player efforts to resolve / solve Broken or Possibly Broken Missions.  Comment here for General Daily Mission (DM) questions not associated with any particular mission.   Starting out with Level 250 regions.

It is hoped that much of the load on support staff can be reduced by fellow players assisting on missions that are thought to be broken by assisting in where  targets might be found, NPC locations, targeting and inventory issues such as not receiving a parcel.

For reporting purpuses, a screenshot showing the following is most helpful:

a)  Mission in Daily Mission window
b)  Misssion on Mission Window
c)  Mission ID

As part of the text portion of report:  Mission Giver - Mission Receipient* - Allegiance (ie. Tribe / Nation) - Problem Description

Guide to Broken / Possibly Broken Missions - Burning Desert (250)
Scorched Corridor / Flaming Forest Desert)

Guide to Broken / Possibly Broken Missions - Aedan Aqueus (250)
Lands of Loria (Lakes)

Guide to Broken / Possibly Broken Missions - Verdant Heights (250)
Majestic Garden (Forest)

Guide to Broken / Possibly Broken Missions - Witherings (250)
Void (Jungle)

Guide to Broken / Possibly Broken Missions - Prime Roots (250)
Unnderspring / Wastelands

Given the level of activity so far for the 200 - 250 zones, going to see if just having one thread for all regions in a particular level category works ... Thread links for 150 - 200, 100 - 150, 050 - 100 and 000 - 050 are below.

Debugging Missions Progress:

I see that many bugs / typos related to Daily Missions interface have been corrected:

a) Seems as if all the missions in the DM window that said "go do something in (say) Matis Lands and then sent you to (say) Void for example have been corrected.

b) No longer asks us to choose the reward from the four choices above and giving is a inferiority complex because we only saw three.  

This is my personal experience in doing DMs over the last 19 days:

Total Missions Offered: 168 (24 days x 7 missions)
Total Missions Completed: 154 (91.67 %)
Total Broken Missions: 5 (2.98 %)
Total Refused Missions: 9 (5.36 %)

Broken Missions include those that are assumed to be (until confirmed) or have been confirmed to be broken. They do not include glitches that or failures caused by known game mechanics.

Refused Missions are just that:

a) Having spend a good part of last few years doing tribe missions and bringing all tribes to "max fame", any tribe mission that asks me to kill members of another tribe (which is a sizable fame hit) is refused as I don't wanna invest time bringing it back up afterwards. Have no issue with missions that reduce tribe or nation fame as the hits are teeny (outside outright killing of members) and they tend to cancel each other out over time.

b) Reward not worth the T, E and R (Time / Effort / Resources). These would include killing superherbies, bad timing (it's 15 minutes to bed time and I expect this to take longer or simply too much time. If outta wundahmat, I'm not gonna go out and make 32 of something unless its jools.  Also, if I have the bad luck to have do hand my looted mats to an NPC or kill 5 members of a tribe in High Grove, not gonna put the TER in unless doing it while killing a boss in maze.


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