[OOC Event for all] Atysmas 2019: Detailed program

Around the campfires, you notice the guards have a more cheerful attitude. You notice the smiling faces of the children running around. You notice the eager Yubos pawing in the dust, fattening up for the winter. You notice many things. Atysmas is coming!

Advent calendar

Your calendar, and all its surprises, await you in the gigantic gift that appeared at the entrance of each capital (also in the Marauders Camp). It will remain present, for late arrivals, until December 31.

Catch up with Ronny!

The lutrykins Miep and Beggy goofed up and now they need your help to save Atysmas! Meet Miep near Yrkanis to get more information.

Event's location: All around Atys. Starting point: Yrkanis.
Game's rules:
“Catch up with Ronny” is a mounted race around the whole of Atys, 250 level regions included.

Reward: For the first three, a title and the brand new mektoub zig. The winner will also receive a voucher to register his favourite animal in the national registry under the name of his choice.

Atysmas Jigsaw Puzzles

A snowman has cut one large picture into 60 fragments and keeps them on him. During the time of Atysmas, he visits each of the tribes of Atys in turn, Prime Roots included.
Go looking for him to collect a fragment and try to rebuild the images!

Event's location: All around Atys, Prime Roots included.
Game's rule:
Click on the snowman that randomly pops into a tribe every 30 minutes to win a picture fragment. The fragments you win appear in a special window, gradually completing the puzzles.
The snowman remains in game for 20 minutes and reappears (with a random picture fragment) every 30 minutes. You can find out if a snowman is in game by consulting the small window of the “Dynamic Events”.

Reward: Atysmas tokens for each snowman found, choice tokens for each new picture fragment discovered and excellent tokens for each puzzle completed.

Atysmas storytelling assembly

It's cold. In the distance a choir sings and snowflakes fall softly on the bark. What better way to warm up and share moments of emotion than with a place by the campfire and stories.

Come and join Atys dreamers in Atysmas village, on 1h - Quinteth, Folially 29, 3rd AC 2606(*).
The Lutrykin Storyteller will host the meeting.
Homins will take turns telling their tales, songs or poems or simply listening to this fun, sometimes instructive and sometimes meditative mix.
The Lutrykin Storyteller will close the meeting with his own story.
All storytellers will receive the title of Atysmas Storyteller for one year.

(*)On Sunday, 29 December 2019 20:00:00 UTC (1 year ago).


Spirits of Atysmas are trapped in snowmen, all aroud Atys. Free them so that they can join the Grand Atysmas Faerie and bring forth the most beautiful of yubos: Yubohoho!

Event's location: All around Atys except Prime Roots and then Matis Arena.
Game's rules:
Four collectors, one per nation, appeared in the Matis Arena. Fill each of them with 100 Spirits of Atysmas, prisoners of snowmen scattered on Atys. You can see the status of each of the collectors by clicking on them.
When all four collectors are full, let's you gather all in the Matis Arena to talk to the Grand Atysmas Faerie and try to collect the gifts.
Get rid of unstable gifts and then of the massive gift. Then you will see the most beautiful of yubos appear: Yubohoho.
Once it is at your feet, do not delay too long to come and quarter it or the fairies will quickly carry it away to resurrect it.

Reward: Supreme yubo materials of 270 quality.

The Atysmas Trees of the Grinch

The Grinch has planted decorated trees everywhere on and under the bark of Atys. Come and cut them down to see what's hidden under their branches. But first you'll have to find them! Bring some friends in addition to your axes, the Grinch can be prankster!

Event's location: All around Atys, Prime Roots included.
Game's rules:
A tree will appear randomly in each region except for the Verdant Heights (so eight in total). It will stay there until cut down. Under its branches, you will find gift packages to open.
The tree may then reappear after a while.

  • Whoever will first find the tree will be given a package containing a special present at the cutting edge of fashion.
  • Once the tree cut down, nine gift packages will appear, each containing surprises you will share between you.
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