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[Patch] Daily missions (2019-12-02)

I'm lost ....  when I meet with clients about getting hired to write a manual, they sometimes ask "What familiarity with our product / process does the person assigned to write our manual have ?"   The right answer is "absolutely zero".  How many manuals have you read where it says "To do [insert the thing here], go to the [insert the name] tool and .... the user reading that says in their heads ... "Great what / where is the [  ] tool ?"

We always pair someone who knows nothing to frame the questions ... and then have an expert on the topic prepare the answers.  Reading this I recognize that it's very clear in someone's head how this works ... but w/o that same familiarity ... I have no frame of reference.

1.  Which missions are we talking about specifically ... occupation practices, NH hand ins, faction, racial,  tribe ... all ??

2,   I never quite understood, given the current up / down ratio,  why we should ever care about fame going down ... the fame increase is 20+ times bigger than the derease so ....  I do 25 missions for a tribe that don't like the fyros and I raise tribe fame 60 points ... mean while my fryos fame drop is such that 1 mission restores it.  If I say I don't want my fyros fame to go down ... will I never be offered a mission that makes fyros fame drop by 0.01 ?

I just did +119 fame with one tribe, including thse by the faction ambassador for the tribe ... First Deserters apparently didn't like somebody as my fame with them dropped to 99.99

Just did 1 mission for Lagoon Brothers ... apparently they don't like the Cuzans.  My fame went up 3 points with the Lagoon Brothers ....m went down 0.00817 with Cuzans (367:1) ... 0.16200 with Tryker (18.5:1.0) .... and 0.0483 w/ the karavan (73.5:1.0) ... I'll tarde the + 1 for those teeny weeny numbers any day.   Perhaps we could choose a fame drop threshold ?

3.  Are the mission rewards going to still be extremely lopsided ?

Green - Right now if you have 0 - 50 fame ... bring this package to that guy 5 meters away and go to that OP 150m or 5 km away will each give you +3 fame.

Purple - These rewards are also very good

Red - Kill ... eh. I'll do these only if none of the above available.

Blue - Craft - a total waste of T & E ... fully understand that as you reach 100.... fame earned gets small ... however ...

I craft 32 bracelets (80 fame points in sysnfo) ... then do 80 Bowpistol ammo and 70 Launcher Ammo (50 fame in sysnfo) ... at 3 per craft and filling my bag like 10 times over.   My fame moves from 99.86 to 99.87.

Now I do a single "run to that OP over yonder" mission and I earn more than enough to get to 100 (2900 in sysinfo) .

4.  if we select all ... will you get one of each color / type ?   Or can one get stuck with 4 "not wirth the T & E" craft missions ?

5. What happens if you have maxed all fames .... all tribes, all races and faction ?  Any option to "I am already too famous ... paparazzi driving me nutz ... I don't want any more fame in any way, shape or form... but i will take the dapper, tokens and other goodies.


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