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[Patch] Daily missions (2019-12-02)

Hello, just curious- will the coding automatically exclude missions that are on long cool downs? For example my favorite Cuzans mission has a cooldown of 4d18h, if it popped up as a daily and I had already completed it that week, I likely would not be able to participate.

I doubt it, so your best bet is to not do missions until the dailies call for that mission. Funny how their attempt to make people do a wider range of missions is making folks who have enough fame and dappers not do missions at all though.

Oh, and if done wrong, changing occupations take two day, so unless they lift the "only three occupations" limitation or fix cooldowns, they may as well omit any reference to occupations in the dailies, especially that part about "Choosing all occupations considerably increases the reward."


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