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From Involvement to Elyps

From Involvement to Elyps

For some time now, you can earn Involvementpoints during dynamic events (DE). Other rewards will soon be added to those you already earn from official merchants (Imperial of Pyr, Royal of Yrkanis, Federal of Fairhaven, Dynastic of Zora and Marauder of the Camp).

Currency reform

The numbers of Involvement points distributed so far are very high ones, to the extent that we noticed players have now some difficulty to read them. That is the reason why the introduction of these new rewards will be coupled with a semblance of “currency reform”. Namely:
  •  the number of Involvement points accumulated by each player character since the dynamic events were brought in game will be reduced to the hundredth of the current number;
  • the number of Involvement points distributed during a dynamic event will now be lower and will also depend on the nature of the said event;
  • the unit price in points of Involvement of rewards acquired from an official merchant will now also be divided by 100, thus exactly offsetting the loss mentioned above.
  • In order to make this reduction in the price of rewards arithmetically possible, official merchants will no longer sell their items by the piece, but in batches. Thus:
  • generic raw materials and experience catalysers will now be offered for sale in 999 unit batches (i.e. a complete pack in Bag);
  • the sap crystals will now be offered for sale in 100 unit batches.

Nature of the new rewards

To start (other rewards will be added later), the Involvement points will allow their owners to get, in addition to the rewards already available:
  • from their official merchant, the reduction of the remainder of their death penalty by 25, 50, 75 or 100%;
  • from a groom in a capital city (or Marauder Camp), the (re)naming of their animals (mount, packer or Zig) with their own name, a random name or a name of their choice*.
  • (*) The cost in points of Involvement of this (re)naming (said “inscription in the register” in game) of an animal under a name chosen by its owner will first (at the moment this new reward will be introduced in game) be particularly high for all interested owners, but will decrease regularly thereafter, down to a stable, definitive cost.

About Involvement

These changes are for us an opportunity to clarify (or recall) the meaning of the Involvement points, or, more accurately, their inclusion in roleplaying and their interpretation by the Lore.In the same way that the dappers paid to New Horizons allow everyone to travel from one city to another in a few seconds thanks to a “time ellipsis”, the Involvement points allow actions that are usually time-consuming to perform in a few seconds.Therefore, they can be seen as units of suspended time allowing their owner to perform in a flash various and varied tasks, such as:
  • carry out missions on behalf of a nation or organization represented by its official merchant, missions whose success is, as usual, rewarded; 
  • perform the actions usually required to reduce (until extinction) one's death penalty.
It is therefore this interpretation that allows us to imagine, as “rewards” provided by the Involvement points, a wide range of new activities and capabilities...And leads us to rename the said "point": it becomes the Elyps!


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