(Player)Anlor Winn Storytelling evening

The first snows are falling on the Rootball,
A cold and transfixing wind has started to blow,
A wind that carries echoes of freezing laughters.
The time has come to get together,
To keep warm,
To guard against the rigors of winter,
But especially to defend ourselves again Anlor Winn's icy breath.
And what better antidote to evil than evil itself?

*An izam emerging from an unexpected corner puts this message in your hands*

Hominas and Homins from all Atys!

Let's gather at 22h - Quarta, Thermis 28, 4th AC 2605 on the highest summit of Silan to ward off evil by invoking the stories of Anlor Winn and locking it in a web of words. The bravest ones among you, the ones who will weave the most beautiful magic from their words, in addition to surviving Anlor Winn, will receive a reward by the measure of their story.

Kyriann, leader of Bai Nori Drakani, Taliar and Mother

An-thik’al, traveller and story collector

Angor Winn, who is laughing in secret in the distance: These homins will always be stupid, here they come to me and I don’t even have to look for them… hahahahahaha……


Storytelling evening on Friday, November 8th 2019, at 21:30 CET

Meeting place: Silan’s highest summit.
Principle: Each participant takes turns telling a story related to Anlor Winn,
with a maximum duration of 5 minutes in order to make the evening more fluid.
The organizers will designate immediately, as soon as the last story is told,
the winners of the evening for each of the following 3 themes:
  • Price of the horror (the most frightening and anxious story)
  • Price of conciseness (the most incisive and terse at the same time)
  • Lore Prize (the most respectful of the Lore).
The animation team will provide a Teleport to allow the players from thecontinent to go to the meeting place for the evening storytelling.

Stories in all languages are welcome.
However, notice that this is a player event and that the organizers are french-speaking.
We'll use the help of the automatic in-game DeepL translation, with all the limits of this kind of tool.


Voyageur et collectionneur d'histoires
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