trash talking, mud slinging, and trolling

wonder what looser made this forum post?  further more, the net is full of trolls yet this thread hasn't had a single hit (until this post) in years what gives ya loosers, don't have anything mean to say, well cry me a river buttercup and let's have it.

I think it just shows that ryzom unlike most mmos, and the internet for some reason is like anti troll. There is something about the game it self. It's real nice to join a game and not be trolled, mind you I am no amateur haha.

I was there in warcraft 3 with the best of then giving out my adress to the butt hurt people haha. Or ulitma online that one had alot of trolls, like 90 percent of the game. Though the age of the troll has really died either way, back in the 1999 it was a different world. 2019 is tame compared to then. I mean from 1999 to 2004 I use to get constant death threats from people, especially in battlefield 1942 desert combat cause I use to take my jeep and blow up thier helicopters hahaha ooo they would get so angry. Ahh the good old days.

Fast forward to 2019 I've seen people get banned from games for some of the dumbest shit. I seen one person get arrested for spam texting some one 100k times haha, I'm sure u seen that one. Guess those weak minded people missed the age of Yahoo booter hahaha. I remember I spammed this one girls Yahoo over 100k times. I would let her get on and say some garbage and then spam here till she was booted hahah. I remeber she found my phone number and called my house saying she was gonna call 911 Haha I just bust out laughing. Today though i wouldnt be laughing. As I said the age of trolling is over. Ahh the good old times haha.

Though I have never trolled in this game that I can recall. I usually dont troll unless trolled first, and I have never witnessed a troll here I can recall. Mind you I dont have 10000 hours or anything. Prolly a few 100 over the years.
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