Patch (2019-09-19)

A few small bugs have appeared during the last patch. We didn't invite them, I promise!

- Some messages appear in English while the client is in French.
Cause: For years the translation files (the phrase_[lang].txt files to be precise) have been polluted by unnecessary modifications. For each language we had several thousand invalid modification lines. When we added a translation, it was in the pile of unwanted changes, it had to be found, isolated and patched. It was long and tedious. So I created a script that removes all the superfluous. Yeah! Yeah! We now have clean translations. Except that at the time of committing (sending the changes to the source repository) one of the files, the phrase_fr.txt did not want to appear in the new software (we changed from Hg to Git and the software to it also changed). The night being already well advanced, I preferred to watch it more quietly the next day. The next day, while reading the messages, I was asked if the faction_rf would be translated for the patch? Having cleaned the translations, it will only take 2 mins added. So I added this and at the same time I validated some unwanted changes on the phrase_fr.txt introducing the fr/en mix
Solution: It was enough to restore the previous version of the phrase_fr.txt, clean it up and revalidate the recent additions.
(commit: cd95ebc3d3ff1be79a)

- The Nexus map is no longer the same.
Cause: It's an unwanted running gag. The map is the future map of the Nexus. This is one of the ongoing projects and the problem comes from a file renaming. The file is called while the future map is called nexus_map.tga. During a previous patch the 2 files were patched at the same time. The ryzom patch system takes the latest patch, replaces the files with their new version before producing a package to distribute. With both files there was a conflict and the only way to delete one is to add the delete command to the patch script. As was deleted for the tests, nexus_map.tga was taken into account.
Solution: Delete nexus_map.tga in the patch script to keep only version

- The names of some items are no longer displayed in the inventory or at the merchant when the display is a "list" mode
Cause: This bug was introduced with the addition of statistics and enchantment information on objects. It happens because the text of its objects is made using the getContextHelp() function which is actually a function of the code that generates the tooltip. This was not at all logical at first reading. The bug has not been detected because very often we only use one view, if the view is in "list" mode at the connection, the bug does not appear. He may have appeared and the tester could think of a temporary problem since the problem had disappeared when the reconnection was made.
Solution: If the customer has not yet received the information, add the name of the item anyway 0c7ee5a9b501962f6ce40

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