Patch (2019-09-19)

Patch 750 - 2019-5-18

A client, data and server patching and a restart of the game server are planned on September 18th in order to implement the following additions, improvements, changes and fixes:

Ryzom's 15 Years Celebration

  • New visual elements for the Island
  • New rewards

Client Improvements

  • Added store and restore colors (RGBA) and index order on user channels ( )
  • Added display item buffs and enchant info directly on icon
  • Added target closest landmark command (/lmtar)
  • Added a display of closest landmarks on map right-click menu
  • Added error messages on server side http 404/500 error when possible
  • Added set compass to target mode after successful /tar command
  • Added [table] background image support
    • Added independent borders in top/right/bottom/left for HTML table/cell
    • Added a way for table tr to have height attribute that is inherited by td elements
    • Added browser.css file for ingame browser
    • Updated info behavior for healed sap and stamina
    • Updated unknown tribe fame visuals
    • Updated missions icons to be distinct but not confusing with nations backgrounds

Client Fixes

  • Fixed missing padding on window opacity dialog
  • Fixed invalid css width/height value when using percent
  • Workaround for intermittent webpage loading issues on windows
  • Fixed table /td background color and background image
  • Fixed form text input element size attribute who are now 'chars' as expected and not 'pixels'

Ryzom Installer Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed bad index and duplication after profile deletion
  • Added language support per profiles
  • Fixed check of supported locale under linux
  • Fixed unsupported language code in .cfg. Fallback now on default

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!

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