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August Event Fail

I reproduced it again last night .... relogging solved.  had 2 other issues:

1.  Pay2Win gives me a Error message w/ bunch of yellow text about once every 15 times

2.  After upgrading my mount, I didn't go to it till next day.   Wouldn't come out of stable.  Tried to get it to follow ... reboot solved but was stuttery for a bit.

3.  If Im understanding the interface correctly, the BYMGO screen says that the game still has yet to award then 20 EXE tokens for 1st to finish 3 completed lines.  I have done this 3 times so far and never rec'd a single exe token from BYMGO ... the other two times only 1 coin was grayed out for 1st to finish.

Am I interpreting the GUI correctly or is sumthing not working as intended.


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