[Player] Invitation to a big digging party!

Caravan timetable:
  • We gather at the stable of Zora at 17:00:00 UTC.
  • And run towards Pyr at 17:30:00 UTC.
  • Estimated arrival in Pyr is 18:15:00 UTC.
  • In Pyr we wait until 18:30:00 UTC.*
  • Then we continue to Yrkanis with an estimated arrival time of 19:15:00 UTC.
  • There we wait again 15 minutes until 19:30:00 UTC.*
  • Then we will leave for Yrkanis and probably be there at 20:15:00 UTC.
(*)Here animals can be fed and others, who want to join the caravan, can find a connection here.
(#)The times are a rough estimate. It is always better to be there before the time.


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