Atys Games 2019 (1-31 august)

Yuboball rules

In Yuboball, two teams will try to score goals on a yuboball field.
The ball is a Yubo that will be placed in the middle of the field. The Yubo won't move on its own until the start. The players are only allowed to move the Yubo by taunting him. It is not allowed to kill the Yubo, to move him with help of the fear spell or to use any ability on him other than taunt.
The players try to pull the Yubo into the goal of the other team by using Taunt.
the trick is to get the attention of the Yubo and to drag it into the direction of the other team's goal as long as it is attacking you. Other players will taunt it away from you, so you have to be fast - but not too fast or you will lose its attention!

Each team will consist of 3 to 4 players (depending on total number of homins attending this contest) and each team match will take a minimum of 10 minutes with a change of sides after 5 minutes. If there are only a few teams, this time may be increased.
Depending on the number of teams there will be either a league system or just play-offs.
Feel free to give your team a funny or impressive name!

The Yuboball contest will take place in Almati Woods.


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