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Atys Games 2019 (1-31 august)

Triathlon rules:

This game consists of 3 stages: A, B and C.On each stage there are NPC arbitrators as Checkpoints. They have a capital letter of the stage in their Name and are serially numbered. They have to be gotten in the correct sequence. If you bypass or miss one, there will be an advisory note on the next one you reach. No teleporting. You are not allowed to use any Speedbuffs (like eggs). You are allowed to use protecting Buffs like invulnerability.

Stage A: You have to ride on a Mektoub through this one and, yes, it’s ok if your Mektoub has to swim.
Stage B: You have to swim through this one.
Stage C: You must run through this one.

At the end of stage C you will find a board next to the NPC that will show you the total time.


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