JY 2603 Fixing Patch (2019-05-27)

Regarding the patch to the patch .... 2019-07-27.

Can we please have our mission color codes back ?

Craft = Kinda Blue
Explore = Kinda Green
Forage = Kinda Purple
Kill / Loot = Kinda Orangey / Red

The last patch made Craft Missions a waste of T & E handling out say 1,000 Fame in sysinfo fr digging 150 mats and crafting 10 items while "Run to this OP 200m away" provides 18,000.

So, when arriving at the various NPCs, typical routine might be Round 1: Grab all the Kill / Loot / Explore missions and then Round 2: Grab all the forage Missions. No ya kinda have to read them ! All kidding aside, was there a functional reason for making them all the same ... it was much more convenient before.


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