Improving Kitin Invasion

Surely, though, you will now agree that you heard such a complaint made in the forum as well as in the chats.... namely from me (amogn others) 8)

Actually, I'm afraid I can't agree ... not *in context* ayway.   As I understood it, your complaint was about something you never experienced and feared **might** happen.   When I say I never heard a complaint .... the implied contextual qualifications was:

a)  the complaint is from one who witnessed / experienced the event.   Kinda like how much credence can one give to a Yelp review of a restuarant that starts with "I never ate there but .... and they serve Lima Beans."

b)  the complaintant was forced / compelled to particiate in the event.

While the 1st should need no explantion, I'll focus on the 2nd.  Let's say there is an invasion of Crystabell.

a)  No one is being compelled to particiate

b)  All gaming resources ... trainers, merchants, etc are still available in the other 3 cities.  You can choose to be active in lakes ... you can partake in all of it's resources .... but you don't have to eat the Lima Beans if you choose not to.

c)  If they do participate, they do not have to be on the front lines.... they can stay behind the lines of higher level players and city guards ... and even run inside buildings to hide.  Usually teams agree on a strategy and loot sharing system such that the focus is on the defense rather than who can loot the most.

Now if you participated in a city invasion and didn't enjoy it, then I could validate your opinion in this regard.  However I can not support a position that others should be denied the opportunity to participate, especially after having read the various posts in this thread where, having expereinced it, they have an expressed a desire to do just that.

On  a side note, I visited the invasion in WoM a few days ago.... observed for about 15 minutes and left.   There was no organization ... high level mages were drawing all the kitin's attention being drawn to "the bigger damage source" and dying.  Lower level players were then running over their dead bods to loot and then running off most often leaving those players to respawn.  If that the battle strategy, then yes I would expect the kitin to maintain the upper hand.


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