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Introduce renting apartments into the ryzom game

It has apparently changed since your last try .... Trytrytry has been told by f2p members of his guild: Deserters of the Ruins, that they can not retrieve items out of apartment, nor out of GH (not sure about packers).

Very Unfortunate i find, that f2p players can buy an apartment, only to discover that they cannot retrieve things that they store away there. 8(
... that an apartment of a former subber contain valuables. A subber become f2p for whatever reason should imho be allowed nevertheless to retrieve those goods out of the apartment even and in particular while remaining f2p.

It is not necessary in all fairness to allow putting things into the apartment ... but the items already in the apartment should be allowed to be retrieved by the f2p player.. Please....

Last time I did try (few months ago) it did work this way as you describe, imho. I can still see some test details in archive. Was it changed since?

Test instructions, 14. 5. 2018 (Archive)
Limitations of F2P
You can buy: apartment, guild hall, mount
You can own: apartment, guild hall, mount, packer 1, packer 2, packer 3
You can withdraw from: bag, mount, apartment, packer 1, packer 2, packer 3
You can drop into: bag, guildhall, mount
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