Is asking players meaningless?

It doesn't really matter if you are marauders or not. If you have an idea or opinion that you think is worth talking about, just raise your point.
The real issue here (and that is not a big surprise at all) is (as Revvy said it): a working group about marauder gameplay (devs+lorist+graphist+marauders players) has been created years ago and a lot of discussion used to happen. Documents have been creates+poll+players opinoon asked multiples times. And now we are here, with a post not taking into account all of this work. Maybe we just have wasted our time, who knows?

And @Moniq, months ago I have raised few points/concerns about project organisation and so on (and putting couples of ideas on the table too)... I have been told the following: my opinion doesn't matter since I am not a professional video game developper. So if you want people to get involved more maybe it's also the time for some people to stop answering like this to others too.
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