JY 2603 Fixing Patch (2019-05-27)

There are certain facets of the game that are extremely troubling when first encountered, usually resulting in a forum post or uni complaint. For example, "hey this steenks, a javing stole my weapon." That concern lasts about 2 hours and then you play the game for 2, 5, .... 15 years and never again give a thought to a javing.

Same as in navigating throughout the jungle and forest mazes ... are we going to next demand signposts saying "Go this way" ? It's a puzzle, an easily solved puzzle. Just like recipes, just like mat locations, just like what mob is best to fight at my level.

Looking around for wandering NPCs is cake. Each NPC travels a route (well not all, some don't actually move). So as you start working tribe fame, most folks go about searching the Raum or BM sites and you will usually find at least one of them.

Let's say you want to chase fame with Hamazans of the Dead Seed and you can't go in the camp. You look at the Fame Tool in Bunny Tools Thread and see the patroller's name is "Hon Ma-Seng". Now if you were a Bunny, you could go to the Tribe Fame thread in the Guild Forum and see that this dude can be found a) located between words "Maiden" and "Grove" on map, b) North of Great Boulder Trade Post, c) East of Big Hand Border Post, d) North of Shai Sun Stronghold. That's it ... 4 possible locations.

How did they get in the thread ? What I do when working a tribe is make a macro similar to the ones everyone use to track bosses. Look up their names for wandering NPCs here:

I dunno if Raum and BM have added the ones we found, we added about 30-40 names if I hadda guess.... the most recent adds are in blue. We have had a prize offering out for any new names for about 2+ years and so far no one has collected.

Then create a target macro (see above link for sample) for all of them (2 - 4 usually) and make a circle around the region with compass at 250m looking for white dots and spamming the macro. Plant a flag or note the location when you find them. There will be occasions when they on walk-a-bout" traveling between locations but you should be able to target them w/ the macro easy enough.

Yes, like anything else in Ryzom, it's a challenge when 1st undertaken but like the 1st time you encountered any new boss, once you figure out the routine ... it's "easy as cake" ... "piece of pie". It's basically the same as the mek tour delivery missions, just running the circle of known locations ... or finding the embers to get the campfire skill. Once ya find the locations the 1st time, no bigga deal. I don't wanna play a game that provides a walk-thu for every challenge "to make it easy".

Remember grasshopper ... "it's not the destination, it's the journey". I don't play the game "to get the rewards", I play it to face and overcome challenges and exercise my noodle.

It also provides for group cooperative efforts as you can team with guild members, friends or faction to gather up and record locations ... I find this a bit more fun than solo efforts but the choice is yours.

As far as the Launcher thing ... well one, if ya concerned about a nearby tribe, you don't have to participate, two, your team / league is responsible for what happens to your fame.

What happened to you w/ the launchers is certainly an isolated case. First time in 15 years of play I have seen this mentioned.

I would also note that the 11st thing I did w/ Tribe Fame was earn my "Spirit of Sally Field Title" ... getting every tribe to allow me in their camp (Fame > -50.01). I did it between other activities and I can soy no one region took more than a week. I did this several ways:

a) as described above.
b) some wandering mission givers hang just outside the camp
c) Run inside the camp and take missions when permitted burning MPA, INV and SH, death port to TP, do the missions and return repeating the process ... of bring a friend to rez you. Again, you might fail 1st time but the thing is, once ya learn the ropes, this is easy also:

1. Throw a single heal or whatever ya can so that dead guy doesn't stand up.

2. Then thro a double max heal and dead guy should have decent amount of HP now. Do not heal a standing toon or they chase you.

3. The toon should be able to run a bit away from camp after the rez. Rinse and repeat ... usually 2 tries sometimes 3 will get ya clear.

So yeah, when ya 1st start, it's frustrating and perplexing. Embrace the challenge, like everything else figure it out and it becomes routine and easy.


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