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Ryzom Forge meeting report - 24.06.2019

General Questions:

Q: Wouldn't it be possible that mektoubes use Teleporters?

A: Possible yes, but desirable? No but you can make a post on "Ideas for Ryzom".

I don't know about meks teleporting, but a service from the stables to transport meks to another stable in the same region for a fee would be interesting.

Q: Would it eventually be possible for NH to other lands for the mektoub? or if not that, then, say, treks to get them there or such like? perhaps to the captial city only.

A: The best part of ryzom is discovering, treks... This, can avoid this, not sure it's a good idea 

That could be a good Idea, teleport from capital to capital, its frustrating to lose one's materials, time and money when a mektoub dies

Q: in what point could this issue land I do not know, the game is depopulating at high speed, all its "novelty" makes it an attractive the "present" but is there an advertising campaign or other to attract the world?
A: There is a real marketing/advertising approach currently underway, we will also have to rebalance the game to keep the new players


1. Revaluation of the game's missions to expand your fun: link

Not practicing missions very often... or not at all, they have the advantage of "framing" the presence in play of "old" people breaking habits, can frustrate... Anyway, in my opinion, regarding missions, they become interesting when a player is high level, if not.. there is little
A: No, the missions are useful at all levels, they are a source of fame and soon for some, UT, so they are not reserved for the "old" ones.  No, the missions are useful at all levels, they are a source of fame and soon for some, UT, so they are not reserved for the "old" ones.

Q: A reduction of dapper rewards for NH/Occ OK! But a reward for fidelity to occ wouldnt be bad
A: Our reflection on missions ist vast. Fidelity is one of the criteria to be introducet, its being studied

Q: the dappers reward for NH gift giving has already been reduced by a third, reducing that yet more is i suppose meant: but the occupation loyalty i feel should at least still allow for the two lower grades to be used for NH gift giving. On the other hand: the old way was that higher grades of occu gave higher rewards... a good idea to return to that i think.
A: Yes, but all the other missions have seen the increase in the number of dappers, which allows us to diversify the sources. The purpose of these changes and to allow other missions to have interest, the problem of trade donations to the NH is that players did not have to move up the ranks of the trade to have the dappers and reputations.
Perhaps players would also be more motivated to do occupations if the products were more useful. There is very little reason to go beyond grade 1 in most.  And a lot of occupations are just not worth doing at all.
players are missing the extended occupations
A: Yes Sorum, we aware of that, but the extended occupations need a bit coding before back on atys, please be patient :). Basics occupations product may have a use in the extended occupations :)

For my part i haven't done missions as i said. For the reason that they're are of an atrocious complexity (occ i mean) and don't really motivate you to start over... water carrier for example, run in circles 3h, super!
A:  AH, okay..... No, some occupations are quite simple, such as water carrier for cartographers. What would a simple occupation be without its boring side?

2. Daily Missions

Basic Principle:
Every day, you have the opportunity to carry out seven missions in the order of your choice, randomly selected from all the "Task" missions and/or "Occupation product donation" missions.

A filtering option allows you to restrict the select-able missions according to the fames that you do not want to lower or raise.

You also have the option of completing only certain types of missions, but de-selecting missions may have an impact on your final gain.

You can abandon a mission at any time if you do not want to do it or do it later. However, this one is not replaced by another and will remain in the list of missions proposed for today.

[p]For the moment, Prime Roots missions are not available (who said "fiuuu!"?)

Q: Missions have to be done within 24h or so in a day from 8am to 8am the next day for example?
A:Yes it's the server time that will be the reference a priori, but you'll have some every days: )[/p]

Q: Will there be daily missions for marauders too?  and 2. Are these random, already existing missions? or new ones made specifically for daily sets?
A: Yes, its intended :) ...  these are existing missions, but you will be able to filter the missions that will be proposed to you, this includes the occs too :)

Note Selecting only one type of mission will reduce the reward.
Four filtering options are available:

- Filtering of the area in which to perform each type of mission:

Select here the level of the area (50 --> 250) in which you want to perform each type of mission (craft, forage, combat, exploration). If you choose the "None" option, then no mission of this kind wil be offered to you

- Filtering of fame that should not decrease:

Here, you have the option to apply a filter to remove from the list those missions that would cause you to lose some of your fame.
Thus, a Ranger should check all the boxes in the "Fame that you do not want to decrease" line.

- Filtering of fame that should not increase:

Here, you have an option to apply  filter to remove from the list those missions that would cause you or win some fame.
Thus, a Marauder should check all the boxes in the "Fame that you do not want to increase" line.

- Filtering of occupations:
Filter here which occupations can be offered to you. If you choose all of them, a maximum of four occupation missions can be randomly selected. Choosing all occupations considerably increases the reward

Note: Occupation missions do not require that you have the occupation active but only occupation products to give, including those obtained by exchange or purchase.
A screen of the interface

3. New Marauder Map


The graphics for the maps are done. We are currently adding vegetation in all new zone.

First, the entire marauding camp will be moved to a large area of the new map but not to the city, as the area that will host it will first have to be cleaned by the marauding PJs. Only then will the marauding NPCs reach their final location in the city area...

Q: When is the new map planned to be added on Atys?
A: I don't know yet but I hope soon :)

Q: Why are there so many things for marauders? Its something i don't understand..
A:  So, I wouldn't say "so many things", the marauding gameplay was introduced a while ago, we have to finish it cleanly, it's still incomplete, hence the regular additions for this faction.
I think marauders are getting many things because we don't have a good 40% of the features other factions do yet...

Q: which level will the mobs have on this new island ?
A: I think it will be the same level as nexus

Q: Will this new Island be a PvP area like nexus?
A:  I think so yes, nothing is fixed yet, but make sense :)
I do not really know how the marauding faction works, but the only thing I see are the teleporters ... which are super well placed ..
Alee: Precisely, thats the reason we're getting content, because all we have as a faction is our teleports ;)[/quote]

[quote=Aleeskandaro] As you know, there were some issues inside marauder faction a while ago. Issues around abuse of PvP tag and CoC misinterpretation.  As such, if new area will be 100% PvP (Which would be nice), i would kindly request the PvP section of CoC be clarified and 100% explicit about:  Definition of Chain-kill and whether Chain Kill is permitted or not, with the corresponding consequences... it needs to be explicit in the CoC [/quote]

A:  chainkill, never be permited... even on marauders... I will, Alees :)

CoC is the general rules, but it also uses logic, assuming its tag, yes, but getting killed in a loop just for revenge doesn't make sense (even if the gameplay allows it). But we will try to clarify yes :)
I as a marauder really dont like our city to be a pvp zone, because there is gonna be so much abuse by certain people
I agree with Spieko, I would also prefer our city not to be a PvP zone. None of the other capitals are, either. It makes no sense.

4. Recruitment


Translation team recruits volunteers!
To translate / proofread into Spanish
To translate / proofread into Russian
To translate / proofread into German

Support team recruits volunteers!
From North America
From South America (speaking Spanish and English)
From Australia timezone
From Spain

Event team recruits volunteers!
From North America
From South America (speaking Spanish and English)
From Australia timezone
From Spain

In particular, we need American animators in order to be able to play roleplay events in US time slots.

If you are interested please send a mail to

As Moniq use to say: we need testers too, in this case just send a Dm to tamarea on rocket:



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