Is asking players meaningless?

I'm afraid it kind of is. The people who frequent these forums are hardly an accurate representation of the playerbase.
That's why I take a lot of polls here with a huge grain of salt, and give a nasty side-eye to anyone claiming, "This is what players want! They want to play the same way I do, with mandatory RP, no TPs, and mechanics that punish any play style different than mine!". The Ryzom presented on these forums is often the polar opposite of the Ryzom I play at hours most of Europe is asleep.
I can count regular posters on my fingers. The only way to fix this would likely be encouraging people in game to participate on the forums, but I don't know whether that would even work, as the atmosphere around here is incredibly hostile (as I'm sure we're all aware). Most just want to enjoy their game in peace and don't care for arguing on the forums.
I don't think that would work. My experience is that many who play Ryzom for long enough have any feedback are here long enough to know how toxic these forums often get. And time zones also inhibit diversity of views in any realtime manner (Forge meetings, IRC chats, IG dynamic channels...). Seriously, how active are the dev team folks and CSRs around 03 UTC anyways? Simply put, even those who want to interact are limited in their ability to do so, but there is a strong enough incentive for them to not get involved that it's moot.
That being said, while I understand why you made this thread (and I wholeheartedly agree that both Revvy and Agan were out of line), I don't think it's helping the situation much. Complaining about people who complain doesn't solve anything.
I understand insofar as I acknowledge that Moniq is human and therefore susceptible to frustration. However, complaining about those who complain is a large part of why there is less diversity on these forums than on the actual server at large. In fact, I feel the mere existence of this thread is a great example of why so many folks actively avoid any and all interaction with these forums.
In big, it mean you are talking with people that was asked their opinion privately and publicly for YEARS.
We made post, we made pad, we made decision, we voted, we made event, we made script and project template, we waited and we still wait.
So really do care on this subject.
It does not matter how much you care, or whether you try to contribute. All that matters is whether you please those who stubbornly refuse to accept even the slightest responsibility for causing enough unrest to make civil discourse impossible, whose mere presence is enough to initiate hostilities. They want their game even if it means losing folks like... well, everyone who is not them. Of course, you know that they will try to blame you and I for the damage they cause ;)


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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