Is asking players meaningless?

I must react on the fail about asking players for their suggestions about fame loss.

On one side you complain about that no one asks players about changes and that you are forced to accept it after it is done.

On the other side, most of reactions were off topic and mostly nothing useful was the output. Now it is closed and no one will ask you anything. Are you happy now?

@Revvy + @Agan
I am the original author of the text, Tamarea just did modifications and posted on forum. It was my initiative to ask players instead just make decision internally and tell them how it will be afterwards. Also because NO ONE OF YOU DID. And more, this is not just about marauders. The post describes how will be the situation hotfixed now, however we wanted to ask players about their opinions or suggestions. If you try to show me it is pointless, you do your job well.

Yes I am involved in many projects and initiatives, because no one else wants. Do you really think I have fun writing documents or study management crap? "Everyone" just complain and cry or attack others. You and some others can't simply even imagine that my personal preferences has nothing to do with the work I am doing for the project and that it is something completely different than my professional responsibility. Yes, no one is perfect, including me. That's why it is even more important to ask as many players as possible.

It looks to me that you only sit closed inside your marauder project with your self-pity and barely get involved in any other activity, especially about running the project itself. Or maybe you are hidden behind other nicknames so no one knows who you really are. And I guess no one of you ever came with a suggestion how to improve the project processes or just with a simple question to others: how can we do it better?

I can only hope that I am wrong.
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