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As promised Ulukyn, I am updating all my recent posts to say thank you for reaching out. Your customer service and real understanding matter a lot.  Thank you for your messages and your efforts. I will wait to see the announcements and the fixes.

Hi Lum

I'm not saying there's nothing good. I'm happy some* people got their cake and ate it. I always* advocate more, not less. So, great, we got a well needed buff.

That said, the disrespect to the* section that only got nerfed is laser focused, and very clear. It's not classy at all. The agenda is absolutely transparent. Don't like it? Too bad, suck it, go do something else, stop complaining.

I'm not saying you're doing that. This is the official response. There is no empathy, compassion, understanding or sympathy.

I am not a thing to be talked down to. So, to those of you who enjoy what you got, good. But know this, your day will come. When the make-it-harder crew decide it, your Nerf will come too. They had no care for the lack of balance.

I will not support quietly.
Sorry for the human emotions for a place that was once my home.

I think that that may have been the goal, Loved; to rid Ryzom of players like you and I who have better things to do than just run around "exploring" a place we already explored repeatedly, who like freedom, and/or who simply did not come here to be treated like second-class citizens.

I don't think things are this bleak. The changes seem well intentioned, just a little hamfisted. They definitely need tweaking. I agree that right now, there is no point in doing crafting missions compared to hunting or digging ones. That needs to be adjusted. Same with faction point rewards.

I don't know about overseer missions in cities, since I obviously can't do those, but tribe prospector missions are great. It's not difficult to make a million dappers in 20 minutes once you know where to dig mission mats.

Don't get me wrong, I was upset by the changes as well, at first. But then I figured out that they're really not *that* bad.


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