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As promised Ulukyn, I am updating all my recent posts to say thank you for reaching out. Your customer service and real understanding matter a lot.  Thank you for your messages and your efforts. I will wait to see the announcements and the fixes.

I was trying not to get involved because it's only going to make me angry

However, this is so bad, so uncaring, such terrible customer service, I must speak

Crafting missions have straight up been nerfed. The times are days long not hours, the dappers are the same as the Fame which was always bad, is now worse

Then you have the balls to say oh just go to other lands? Listen, I've done all lands high level missions. It's not enough.

Don't you order me to do tribe missions. This is my game, my play. Not your pushing your agenda on me.

Don't say all missions were increased for the time. That's a lie.

Don't tell me that a little package mission boost is enough. I declare, you are not right. It is not enough.

The slap in the face which was the nh Nerf, then being told hey you can go dig.. no. That's not the right way to treat customers.

Sorry we don't sell chocolate anymore, but you can have the vegan beer...

How about I just go find a new shop?

Guess how many people are going to unsubscribe? More than zero,I promise you.

Forcing a mission AGENDA , yes, agenda, is against so much. It's not like the missions are fun either.

No thank you. At times I have kept my sub going just to support the game, not even playing. But no longer.

If anyone is looking for something else to play, it even read, please send me a message. I can recommend lots.


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