Trek Mission Ideas


Courier / Courier Escort

Someone has a message in the form of a letter, or a parcel of items they want you to bring and they're willing to pay handsomely for someone to deliver it.

"Why trek when we can just teleport?," you may ask.

Well, there's a catch; they don't exactly trust you to not pilfer or read the contents. So maybe they've arranged checkpoints, each giving you the next segment of information to go on to the next checkpoint...

This exists already.


Search and Rescue

This one is more of a short trek; rarely leaving the current ecosystem.

Some homins want packages sent, others are in a more dire need. Perhaps a foolish pair of tryker decided to prance around in the Lagoons of Loria, but got into trouble, so one used his only pact back to get to the nearest town to get help, but is still adamant on coming along to ensure their friend's safety. So you travel with him, on foot, back to the conflict site to see his friend under attack!

You've got a time limit, so act fast, for you will fail if time runs out or if they die!

Great idea, would love it! And it could be a nice way of earning the new implication.
*Pokes Ryzom team*



This mission would tie into the Courier mission type to create a more dynamic experience and add another reason for pvp.

A scout has received intel from a source up ahead and needs a small band of mercenaries to help intercept a package from an enemy faction. Find them and obtain the courier's parcel. If you keep the courier alive and lead them back to the scout's end destination for interrogation, you may be entitled to extra rewards.

Some scouts could even require the courier to remain alive for an even higher reward, or risk penalties for failing.

This one also sounds great, might be a bit complicated since it would need some sort of live info of who is doing Courier missions and assigning them to a Faction so they can automatically have an enemy one :)



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