Faction imbalance - where do we go from here?


It's not the first time that game changes have been made that dictate players options, the end result being the loss of players or subscriptions.

I don't often comment on Forums, but this was worth a response because I think it encapsulates the feelings of quite a few players.

Being Massively Multiplayer means diversity, however the game changes only seem to appease the select few. Requests for change to balance things out, are either ignored or shot down and we're told to put it on the forums (where it ultimately gets parked and ignored).

Ryzom is a player game, with a slogan 'Power to the Players' so how can it be that players voices are un-heard?

When I look at Ryzom today, so many players have already voted with their feet and moved on, isn't there an important message there?


Everone has an opinion, and of course are entitled to have one, but others are equally entitled to decide whether they choose to agree or disagree. Acting like a complete Muppet isn't likely going to change minds or win support :)
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