Faction imbalance - where do we go from here?

Kami has always been more attractive to many simply because "teddy bears" are cute. That right there was always a problem for Karavan even when there were only two official factions, and Marauders and Rangers were merely RP choices. Add in the misconception that Karavan seeks to destroy Atys simply because Kami seek to protect Atys and there is conflict between Kami and Karavan, and you basically have a faction that was designed to fail, even if that was not the intent.

As for too many factions, I would counter that offering only two fairly similar options would make some people feel forced and thus join neither side... as many Mara/Rangers did before they each got their own TP systems. It's a little different if the choices are drastically different, but the differences between the two K's is something that simply does not make for engaging lore; you will simply go with the one that has their TPs in more convenient locations, or the one that you are forced to because your buddies are all in a guild that is aligned to one of the powers. If there is no third option, players will make one. Whether or not they stick around for long depends on how heavily penalized they feel for being non-binary. And given how this latest patch punishes those who are not aligned to a nation, I'm a bit skeptical that such options would ever be really supported; that the mechanics will continue to force people to either get into boxes they don't want to get into or leave entirely.

Marauders and Rangers have a bit in common as neither are big on higher powers or nations, but are opposite in enough other ways that the only way it would be feasible to merge them is if we go to a paradigm that places "Traditionalists" against "Hominists" as we fight over whether Atys should remain trapped in the past, refusing to change, or evolve even if that means shedding traditions. If done as simply militant and non-militant sub-factions of the same faction though, it could work. Given the OOC factions that I have seen in these forums, I feel that that may actually work out. After all, that seems to be the major source of conflict here; "The old ways are best!" versus "The past is behind us!".


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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