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Faction imbalance - where do we go from here?

It's no secret to anyone that the numbers of players in different factions are less than evenly distributed. The Kami seem to have the largest numbers, while there are so few Karavans that they simply can't compete, not on their own. While cross-faction alliances are great, the disparity in numbers is still bothersome. Looking at other games that present warring factions, there tends to be a roughly 50/50 split, so this issue seems to be something unique to Ryzom. The question is, what causes it, and what can be done about it?

First and foremost, I think one cause of this problem is that there are simply too many factions for the small number of active players. While I love their lore, having 4 factions is just not sustainable anymore.

The other reason may be subjective and I might be wrong here, but the Karavan faction just isn't very appealing. Their futuristic tech looks more like someting out of Star Wars or Star Trek and looks very out of place in an otherwise fantasy game. (Yes, I have read the Bible of Ryzom, but, far as I know, that's not officially published lore) I know when I was new, I felt to reason to join these weird space-faring aliens. Meanwhile the Kami faction looks amazing. They want to protect the planet - who wouldn't want to get behind that cause?

Maybe there's more to this, who knows. If someone can elighten me on the issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

Moving on, what can be done about it? I am frankly at a loss for ideas that wouldn't alienate a massive part of the community. I like the suggestion that has floated around the forums before, to merge Kami and Kara, then merge Rangers and Marauders. But I know this change would make many people unhappy.

I would like to discuss different ideas about how to solve this problem here.



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