JY 2603 Fixing Patch (2019-05-27)

Speaking of marauders not being able to do a lot of things, I have no idea why hawkers refuse to trade with us. Why do they care about fames? Aren't they independent traders?

This we did report more than a year ago, a workaround was in test and then no words about it since then :p

Ranger should not get the same nation's points as citizen since it is a faction, like Mara they should earn their own part of the bread.

Btw what about dyn events? Aren't enough to get crystal?

From what I see here from an external pov, NH doesn't provide nation's points anymore so farming alts are rendered useless.
People complain for x and y reasons.
Aleeskandaro provide you a good way to earn even more points.
People keep complaining for x or y reasons that are not really valuable...

C'mon :p


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