JY 2603 Fixing Patch (2019-05-27)

Still, at 2520 points for a single mission wich requires only 360mats...
One of my alts can get that; I can't.

When you test the missions, you'll notice a non alligned toon earns 990 points for the highest mission compared to 2520 for an alligned toon. Rangers can do this, and since there is no cooldown/limit, they can to it as much as they want to get the same points (or way more) for a little extra effort.
I could get an RL job for minimum wage too, but I'd rather have one that earns enough to pay rent. As for "a little extra effort", I think the mismatch in rewards defies any reasonable definition of "a little extra". I'd rather not work ~135-140 hrs/wk for the same paycheck I get now, but that's pretty much what is being asked of Rangers.

As I said, folks are punished for not being aligned, there's strong incentive to use alts, and neither are good things.

Regarding a couple of your other points, I never said working for a civilization went against RP, only that those who feel the mechanics force them to play a character they don't want to play are unlikely to be into RP. Also, while cult alignment/fame does not affect race points rewards, Rangers have enough problems not related to those missions that, again, the mechanics give strong incentive to forgo RP.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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