JY 2603 Fixing Patch (2019-05-27)

Thats the point Plac, the current ways to make civilisation points seem more than enough. Other than the newly inability to use level 1 alts to produce them, i haven't read one argument to increase them. Why do we need an increase in points when people can dig all day and get 10k points at a time? Just for digging, just for having 1/4 surface dig skills at 200. I sadly don't have data on NH V.1 rewards, but it seems the TotC and dig missions are mines that people simply refuse to use because they're not available for level 1 alts (arguably, cause with some patience even a level 1 on a mount can do the tour).

Anyway, never meant for this to turn into a "mudlinging fest" as you say now. All I intended was to show there are ways to produce really large amounts of civ points for non-marauder people. Not sure when that turned into a "Ranger vs Mara mudslinging fest".



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