JY 2603 Fixing Patch (2019-05-27)

...those who didn't feel like forgoing all hunting or leveling simply to do a tour of the camps could still earn points at all...

With the exeption of Lakes, Tour of the camps missions take at most an hour, I have tested this both with a master toon and a roughly level 30 one in all lands except tryker (don't like the swim ^^). Longest run was Fyros at 50m and it took longer because I didn't know the exact locations for the lower level camps.

On top of that, there are also the prospector missions for the camps, these are major civ point mines... having absolutely no cooldown/limit, you can easily get tons of points just with them without ever having to touch a mek or carry a package. Of course they require some dig skill (200 in any land for the highest mission) but it doesn't seem so bad to level up in order to be able to do something (see craft missions, PvP, PR, SN, OP and so on). I only wish I could do it too as myself (there is no such thing for marauders) ^^

Whereas I agree further adjustment is needed regarding the fame changes in the last Fixing Patch, we can't/shouldn't sponsor a mentality that level 1 alts should be our perfect inexhaustible sources of dappers and points. It's wrong.

P.s. Since many don't seem to know about this other prospector missions, you can spoil yourself and see them all listed here



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