JY 2603 Fixing Patch (2019-05-27)

I do have two major thoughts- both related to the cooldowns:

First, many cooldowns are much longer than anything we have ever seen ingame before, which may work out fine in the long run- there are a lot of NPCs that can be visited. But, is it easier if all the mission given by one specific NPC have the same/similar cooldown times? That way you know if you cycle back to that region in two or three days all the missions will be available again- instead of some being back in 20h, more in 2d10h, 4d, etc...
Something that needs to be accounted for is that any cooldown over 23h is basically no different from a 2-day cooldown for those that don't have the luxury of playing at least 5 hours a day. And having long cooldowns with no dapper buff on crafting missions pretty much makes overseer missions not worth leveling crafting skills for.

It'd be more efficient to make alt armies more egregiously (though, admittedly, more creatively) than is already done. IMO, anything that encourages folks to seek exploits is a bad thing. I mean, I thought the point of the cooldown nerf was to get people to play the game, not to get more into the meta-game or frustrated into rage-quitting. Good idea, bad implementation, needs more fine-tuning.
As for the missions, I think it would be nice if there was a system for how much missions pay and how long their cooldown is based on how difficult to perform they are, on top of the already implemented changes. I am aware that more difficult missions already tend to pay better when it comes to crafting, but it could use some fine tuning. It would be great if easier missions also had slightly shorter cooldowns. So we could choose if we want to do easier missions for less money more often, or more difficult, better paying missions, less often.
A hearty +1 there, especially since I thing a new player hit with cooldowns this long would get a bad impression and leave before they really begin playing.
I think a couple of the mission cooldowns are also a little excessive now, especially when it comes to crafting ones. They have not been buffed in terms of rewards but the time in which they can be repeated has been increased massively, punishing crafters a little bit. Right now there is not much reason to do them because you need to dig a bunch of mats AND craft items. At that point, the better option is just to take a digging mission, that will likely be quicker and easier for comparable rewards.
Not even. Maybe the digging alternative to package runs is worthwhile if you are +100 fame in one race (Ranger/neutrals can forget about even those) but otherwise I'm not even sure any missions are worthwhile. We'll see what the next adjustment patch does...


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