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Ryzom Forge meeting report – 2019/05/27

News from the Wiki Project Team (Tamarea)

A brief word on the progress of the new group working on Ryzom wikis: the contributors are now "clearing" the wikis: they are searching, sorting, reflecting, organizing. It is a long preparatory work but very promising for the future! They will tell you more about it at a future meeting.

Arionasis Memorial Ceremony (Tamarea)

A video is available on Youtube:

Fixing patch (Tamarea)

We are listening to your feedback.

NH and modifications on all missions of the game

Q: What is being done about the loss of faction points?
R: Nothing directly for now, the fixing patch was only about dappers and fame. On the other hand, it is always possible to earn faction points via delivery missions. The new Involvement system available during Dynamic Events allows you to earn crystals and raw materials. The number of Involvement that can be won during an Event probably needs to be balanced, but the basis is there.

Q: The NH no longer accepts bouquets of all qualities : only Q40 and Q10. But I have lot of other qualities in my bag. Is that a bug or a feature?
R: When I'ill have no more 40 and 10 Q bouquets in my bag, NH will accept other qualities. Its a feature!

Q: I wonder how we will be able now to buy raw materials of turquoise, green and purple color to craft pretty armors. Can't we lower the prices of raw materials or let us win some of all colors at the Wheel (not only brown)?
R: This could be a valuable RP reward, against Involvement. We have a list of future RP rewards to add, but we didn't have that idea in there. Besides, if you have other ideas for RP rewards, don't hesitate to share them with us on the forum!

Q: What was the point in making the change at all, unless you just wanted players doing more missions?
R: Our intention with the NH modification was to revalue the 11670 unused missions due to NH's absolute supremacy. However, this was supposed to be done smoothly, in steps, and not as quickly. But the NH database being totally broken, we decided to modify NH as of this patch, even if the mission balancing was not ready. Following your feedback, I will bring the Game Design team together again and we will discuss a possible step back. In other words, we will consider putting back in place, at least in part, the old NH system. While continuing in parallel to make the other missions more interesting, so that you can freely diversify your gaming experience.
Ryzom used to be about freedom of choice. A player, choosing their own destiny, their own style of play etc. Now, new Ryzom: Seems to be more about Ryzom dictating to players.For example, every reward seems to be Gubani Tokens, but what about players who don't want to play the Gubani wheel? RP rewards, what about players that don't want to get involved in RP etc. Dapper missions, it used to take 30 minutes to earn dapper, then you were free to do what you enjoy. Now, to get the same dapper you need to do 13 Corporal missions.
To offer a suggestion : maybe it would be useful to put some effort into completing some of the unfinished Rites or Encyclopaedia missions.

The new interface of the K/K pacts (Tamarea)

Were you able to test it from the fixing patch earlier?
I can't cause artefact disappeared since reboot.
There was a problem with the artifact, but normally everything came back in order... except for those who logged in at the time of the bug, like you two.
I was able to test it a little bit, it works pretty well, but I get scared at first. I didn't immediately understand that it only buys back the *last* TP. On the other hand, if we could have the names of the TPs in the interface rather than in popup, it would be ideal.

New colors for icons

What do you think of the new saturation of the icon colors?
Nice job for me. I have some regrets on the tryker blue that turns grey, but nothing excessive.
French said it's nice.
I strongly dislike the grey that has replaced tryker blue.

End of meeting


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