[For All] Fairhaven Little ones Market

Lordoy ad toll ! Bonsoir ! Hello!
Thank you for coming to the first edition of the Fairhaven Little Ones' Market.
It is a great pleasure to give this opening speech but don't worry I won't put you to sleep.
This project started from a very simple observation that we have all made, that merchants charge exorbitant prices for equipment that is just poor. And on the other hand, low level boss and other excellent materials are almost never looked for because the crafters can't find anyone to sell their good quality production.
So after hours of discussion...
smiles at Ashgan.
... We have come to this market which I hope will allow you, great crafters, to find buyers, and you, young refugees, to leave ready to face the dangers of Atys.
For the purpose is there: That young homins may walk the paths of our regions and discover their beauty, that they become in their turn actors of our world, having benefited from their youth and their enthusiasm, that they can do it at their own pace without having to choose from the outset to lock themselves into a monolithic vision of Atys because nothing is more beautiful than diversity.
And what a better place than Fairhaven, which echoes the cries of TRYKA MEER SELLA to welcome this market full of sharing.
I wish you all a successful business and declare the first Fairhaven Little Ones' Market open!

It is with these words of enthusiasm that Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie opened the first Fairhaven Little Ones' Market on this 21h - Quinteth, Nivia 17, 2nd AC 2603.

Fairhaven beach was shining with the lights of the lanterns, the crafters have dressed in their best clothes and the sound of the mektoubs loaded with goods added to the cacophony of the atmosphere.

Because, the buyers were present and the festive atmosphere lasted for many hours to the great delight of young and ancient alike.

There is no doubt about it, this Market will become a major event of the Atysian year.


Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Cheffe de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
Mère de famille
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