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Jena Year 2603 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-05-18)

Hum.. si on en va par la, alors meme les parties de PvP ne dureront plus 15ans, et seront au final plus interessant..
Doubtful. Those who don't already do PvP will not be 'enticed' into it by holding a gun to their head. You can get them to complain, you can get them to quit Ryzom, but if they are not already doing PvP, then these mechanics changes won't help matters. If you want people more interested in PvP then you can't rely on mechanics to twist their arm; you'll have to show them how much fun it can be.
Ah, no i was talking about players already doing PvP.
(Maybe the auto translation mess it up, i should have translated it myself).

If you do practice a bit PvP you will understand it is pointless when a) number are equal and b) players know the basics.
It is long... looooooong... because there is no way to be better than your opponents (no skill).

Take two Teams playing full defense, it do result into a match of cristal+enchant endurance, how is that fun?
I still wonder..

Also, I've seen a lot of new players come here with interest in PvP then leave the game due to the fact that the grind required to last more than 3 seconds into a fight is rather long. Could you offer me your opinion on how to reconcile the desire for more PvPers with the desire to slow down the grind? To my eyes, it seems.... counter-productive.
Here a point, and that is why i think PvP in Ryzom should be reworked or totally removed.
Remove the open world PvP, make it structured in Arena with actually interesting goal and gameplay to do in team.
And focus all your effort in intensifying the PvE.

Since anyway, you need 15 millions branch to grind before and there is like 3 players that actually do open PvP. Pointless once again.
Better give a template and give the choice of the "build" to a players before entering arena, and you can still play chill with your actual char whenever you want with players in PvE env.

i can tell you from 20 years experience in interface design, icon design and programming. an icon is there to reduce the need for explanation to not overwhelm, to not distract. it also is not a piece of art to be admired along the way.
You describe perfectly an icon for some management applications in .NET or some stuff like this, to make shop list in market or so.

I really doubt its 20 years in modern video game art design.

In any case, since you seem skilled and motivated (to write this post) you can submit to the graphic team via RF
To help :)


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