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Jena Year 2603 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-05-18)


Content added during Jena Year 2603

The above patchnote lists all the additions, changes and improvements that will occur during Jena Year 2603 (JY 2603).
  • A part of this list will be added during the main patch "JY2603".
  • Remnants will be added by smaller supplemental patches throughout JY 2603.
To learn more, please refer to the roadmap: https://board.ryzom.com/?controller=BoardViewController&actio n=readonly&token=c46b5ea0f37c83d155f3eacc3acf6956ee75cbfca4af a3f2c107fcb4e74d&from_index=1

New Horizons 2.0

  • As consequences of the New Horizons takeover by the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani: 
  • Travel price is set at 1000 Dappers for all the players;
  • Fame rewards for support missions is removed. The goal is to restore the value of the classical missions; their fame and Dappers rewards will soon increase.
  • The NPC have orders to no longer refuse support mission material on the pretext they don't need it.

New roleplay reward system

A new roleplay reward system is completing the HRP rewards from the Wheel of Fortune. In this patch, we are proposing a first version that will be improved over time.Version 1: Participate in "Kitin Invasion" Dynamic Event to gain Implication (displayed in advanced stats window). Then, go to see the federal, imperial, royal or dynastic merchant or its Ranger or Marauder equivalent: he/she will propose to use the Implication won to perform amake a virtual task and you will be paid (with raw materials and sap recharges only for the moment).The next versions will allow you to win roleplay rewards that will be common or specific to each nation, faction or organisation.The kind of events allowing to win these rewards will progressively increase: other dynamic events, officials roleplay events...Please note that the Atys Points won during previous events will be converted to Implication.
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