Jena Year 2603 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-05-18)

Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-05-18

A client, data and server patching and a restart of the game server are planned on May 18th in order to implement the following additions, improvements, changes and fixes:

  • Additions:
    ○ new interface for teleportation at Kamis and Karavan altars(available for Kami Adepts and Karavan Followers only);
    ○ option to automatically rebuy a Kami or Kara pact after a teleport (only for Kami Adepts and Karavan Followers with max fame);
    ○ storage of user-created channels in xml file, so as to not lose them after a reboot;
    ○ option to put a Zig in the bag. (Please note: the weight of zig (5kg) and his bag is added to your total weight, so take care not to be stuck!) ;
    ○ your Zig can be teleported with you. (Just need put the zig in your bag, teleport and then pull from bag. For convenience, this is done automatically if the zig is following you);
    ○ team Invite button in Guild Member List and Friend List;
    ○ welcome message in chat channels in order to clarify what the channels are for.


  • Improvements:
    ○ Kami and Karavan teleport pacts no longer have weight/bulk in your bag;
    ○ Ryzom installer (new URLs for download, erasing of a profile on MAC or Linux debugged);
    ○ interface for the choice of status when approaching OP battles (debugged);
    ○ functioning of the MP3 player;
    ○ WebIG HTML parser (more options for app developers);
    ○ "Free Look" option of camera;


  • Changes:
    ○ New fresh backgrounds for icons
    ○ the context menu in order to copy from the chat window now pops up at a right click;
    ○ landmarks stored in XML file instead of ICFG file (meaning editable out of game);
    ○ mount now becomes visible again when unmounting while in first person view;
    ○ removal of the pop-up warning when using Universe chat for the first time ( replaced by a welcome message in thechat channels).


  • Fixes:
    ○ OpenAL driver (no more looping sound causing crash during teleportation);
    ○ copying cyrillic letters is now encoded in UTF8 in the clipboard;
    ○ new underwear icons (they now show the right color).

This patch also includes the results of the work done on Dynamic Events (DE), New Horizons (NH) and the target command.

  • Dynamic Events:
    ○ addition of the "Kitin Invasion" Dynamic Event: defend Atys against hordes of kitins!;
    ○ addition of the "Puzzle" Dynamic Event: find pieces of a puzzle all over Atys! (this first version will be available during OOC events only);
    ○ addition of a button in the Map window to display all Dynamic Events on Atys;
    ○ a blue round icon on Map shows the location of each Dynamic Event.


  • New Horizons:
    ○ merger of New Horizons and Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani;
    ○ bugs of "Support Missions" fixed;
    ○ global limit for "Support Missions" removed;
    ○ fame rewards from "Support Missions" removed;
    ○ fame check for travel removed;
    ○ same cost (1 000 dappers) of travel for all characters whatever their fame.
    ○ new loading screen added to "Travel"


  • Target command now supports keyword search (e.g. for a yubo) as follows:
    ○ /tar yubo -- no quotes, target closest entity that contains 'yubo' in its name;
    ○ /tar suckling yubo -- no quotes, target closest entity that contains both 'suckling' and 'yubo' in its name;
    ○ Order not important, full words not needed '/tar y kling' would be a match. Also /tar "ora" -- with quotes, Will target an entity who's name starts with 'ora', as currently /tar "suckling yubo" -- with quotes, targets an entity who's name starts with 'suckling yubo';
    ○ some current old macros may need quotes now for short keywords, i.e. 'ora', but existing macros using quotes will continue to work.

Addendum: Evolution of hardware infrastructure
The month of March and the beginning of April were the occasion for a spring cleaning, including:

      ○ the moving of the billing server to
      ○ the migration of Ryzom Chat to another server while retaining its URL:
      ○ the migration of the Yubo server to a new, more powerful machine; it is now dedicated to the tests required by ongoing developments;
      ○ the installation, identical to that of Yubo, of a new server called Gingo, which hosts the tests for acceptance of completed developments before they are put into operation on Atys; this is the pre-production server whose implementation was long overdue;
      ○ the implementation of the supervision of all servers through the Icinga2 tool, which considerably facilitates their monitoring;
      ○ the development and implementation of a tool to centralize the configuration of firewalls;
      ○ the implementation of a centralized tool to manage the servers' backups.

The next step in the hardware reconfiguration of the platform will see the migration of Atys, the game server, to new higher performing machine and the confirmation of Gingo as the Atys mirror server facilitating the application of patches and providing a rescue solution in the event of a failure of the latter.

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information, and best wishes to you!

Ryzom Team

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