R.I.P. Arionasis / Teeneemai

I already posted here but another thing is in my mind after the ceremony.  

The thing about Atys, Ryzom, playing this game is that you can get to know someone, without knowing anything about them IRL.  When you spend time here you get to know people in a different way.  When we talk about our friends in the game, sometimes people laugh because how can you be friends without actually meeting IRL.  I know some of you have met IRL and thats great.  There's something different about ingame friends and as time goes on I find that I value these friends as much as any friend I have.

I realised that I did not know if Arionasis was man or woman, black or white, straight or gay.  I also realised that it does not matter.  We were friends.  It feels like an advantage that we can make friends here without any preconceptions, any assumptions, any prejudice.


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

Palta e decata, nan nec ilne matala.

When one goes on a journey it is not the scenery that changes, but the traveller
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