Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

One topic not considered is that many folks looking to complete what the game offers ... because they have mastered all the skills they care to and chase fame. But after maxing out what ya can for your race and faction, you can't completely max out without quitting ya guild . heck ya can't even complete all the rites unless if you choose citizenship before getting all the rites done.

Where I get confused tho, is I understand how now one would want to be be forced to do something, for the life of me I can not understand why folks are all fired up about what other people want to do. If my wife converts to another religion, must I divorce her ? What about my kids ? If my sister marries a Canadian girl and gets citizenship there, must I disown her ? ... oh wait yeah if Canadian, makes sense < kidding>.

The French and the English both sided with US against the other in history ,,,, all 3 were against Germany 70 years ago.... things change, people grow. We have "nice maras" now ! Should e all storm off the server as the server merge brought french, english, Americana and german folk together ? What's wrong with growth, enlightenment, ;learning tolerance, changing of minds. Might as well make all people of their respective races wear only their on race armor.

In short, I don't see why we need a rule that says if ya were born in Germany, you can't eat kielbasa. And i say that as a person who hasn't eaten meat in 46 years :)

I don't much care whether ya like kielbasa or bratwurst as long as i don't gotta eat either. I don't really see how the proposal forces anything down anyone throats.


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