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Improving Kitin Invasion

oh and.. it shouldn't even be tokens .. maybe change it to something Kitin body parts (that only drops with those type of kitins, so maybe would make to create a new icon for that) that's RP ^_^
That's what it's right now, you know...

Just checked again, yes it's not called tokens but piece of kitin

This game isn't active enough to cater solely on RPlayers anymore.
Of course, that's why there's events at easter, christmas and halloween. But only because the game isn't active enough to cater solely on RPers, doesn't mean it must cater solely on non-RPers, and only do OOC Events.

This idea aims to cater to both, even the older toons who already has the title won't get left out.
I NEVER complained about eggs and OOC Events, but that doesn't mean that ALL events should be like them.

I know lol, you don't use RP as a way to be an @** to others ^_^


Bee-Boop Bee-Boop.

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