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Improving Kitin Invasion

But should there be less social interaction? Do you think all Homins are selfish and don't distribute? If you are in team with some mates, you will allways get tokens. Solo Players will be punished this way. But do you prefer a MMORPG with lots of Solo-Players? I dont think so.

In an ideal world, sure. But this is not an ideal world. You are assuming the participating players are able and willing to communicate. And, let me tell you, that's one hell of an assumption.

In the better case, it's a question of language barrier. Not everyone on Atys speaks the same languages. I speak my native language, English and some German, but I can't speak French. Which is really unfortunate, because there are many French players and a large part of them can't communicate in English (thumbs up for those who try though, I really appreciate it) That alone is a huge issue a lot of the time. It's hard to communicate with anyone when you simply can't understand what the other person is saying.

And then there are people who wilfully refuse to speak to others based on whatever reasoning they have, like factions. I know there are players who do not respond to anything I say just because I'm a marauder. Even though I'm a marauder who is helping defend their city that would otherwise fall (or not, as the invasions don't function this way) because they failed to show up in large enough numbers. And when the participants aren't willing to communicate, communication can't happen.

So, it's not neccessarily that all Homins are selfish, it's just that there are huge communications barriers between us.

Now, I personally don't care about the rewards. I participate in these events because I'm one of those dreaded carebears who likes helping others. I'll go even if all I get is damage on my gear and death penalty. But, for those who actually want the titles, a better distribution system would be nice.



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