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Improving Kitin Invasion

Hi Dulla here

Make Kitin Invasion like Yubo Invasion + Reward

-Make Kitins invade cities and kill homins there :)

Why: Because It's an invasion
Agree with "Killing all Homins + NPCs in Citys", but no Rewards since it is not OOC as i understood.
-Make the loot automatically distributed like the Choice tokens from Yubo

Why: Because sometimes (Like the one FH Kitin's Nest) no one distributed the tokens and those who didn't get any share of the loot would just stop showing up for the rest of the event
Distribute tokens would be good, but not really necessary. Sure i understood, that when you don't loot, you wont get any tokens. But should there be less social interaction? Do you think all Homins are selfish and don't distribute? If you are in team with some mates, you will allways get tokens. Solo Players will be punished this way. But do you prefer a MMORPG with lots of Solo-Players? I dont think so.
-Add rewards for every Nest killed

Why: So that even Homins with the title Kitin-somthing title would still be interested in participating in the event, drop a treassure chest after killing the Gate of Darkness like the one during the Tree boss last Atysmas, would make Older Players who has the title look forward to in participating.
Sure getting an extra reward from the gate could be a good idea. But it is not OOC. So what? I would say the Gameplay and the successfully Destroying of the Gate is the reward. If you think there should be a reward, i guess you are a bit spoiled and dont enjoy the game itself. But thats only my POV.

At the end, i think you are trying to convert the RP-Event to an OOC-Event. Well my opinion doesn't count, but making every Event like OOC is boring and will bore me. So that i wont join any events. Let it be different.


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