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Improving Kitin Invasion

I second this. While I personally have no interest in the titles and just participate to help others, an automatic distribution system for tokens would be great. It happened to us yesterday in Pyr that nobody was looting the dead kitins, so the tokens were wasted for no good reason (nobody appeared to be able to loot, even).

Having them invade cities makes sense, as has been stated, it is an invasion, it should be a threat. A lot of people did not even know the kitin nests were there in the first place, which is a bit of a wasted opportunity. From my understanding, dynamic invasions are still very much in the testing phase, so this is something to keep in mind.

It would also be nice to have something, anything, happen when the Gate of Darkness is killed. Right now it just leaves me with a feeling of "Oh, that was it?". If not rewards, then at least some kind of message that pops up on the screen, describing the kitins still trapped underground roaring in anger as they are unable to come to the surface or something.



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