Lacuna's Song

[OOC A brief interlude: the truth is out there - part one]


She sits by her campfire, lost in sadness and stares into her cup - memories of her journey to this place overtake her…


Lacuna stares at the creature in the water and is lost for words.  She has heard rumours of the Baldusa, Prakker and the Sagass that are rumoured to live in the waters of the Old Lands, but whether this creature is one of them she is at a loss to say.  It seems too small to be one of these fabled creatures, being somewhat smaller than a full grown Tryker.  With a whip of what is presumably its tail the creature vanishes into the deeper water of the lake.  

Lacuna fills her canteen and returns to her fire. She sat and waited for the Suckling Messab to finish roasting.  She guesses that she must now be in what was once Trykoth.  There is the indications of ruins far to the east of her camp, but her journey will not take her near them.   Whether this is fabled Jeniah or Breneth, or some small settlement, she does not know.  As she waits she idly picks at the node of eyota wood she had unearthed to build her fire.  She can tell that there is pha amber near here too…

She wonders what Alexarwe did with all the supreme pha that she dug for her.  That she was trying to boost amps seems the most likely explanation, but Lacuna has an aversion to this easy way of making heal amps - the loss of elemental power annoys her.  There is still the nagging suspicion that the amber may have been for something else, and not knowing irritates her, like itch one cannot scratch.  Though she made millions dappers in trading pha with Alex, more than she has been able to spend, she has the nagging doubt as to who got the best of their arrangement.  Though Alex is Kami, she is one of the handful of Ma-Duck followers that Lacuna does not want to set fire to as a general principle.  But she is Matis, and one can never trust a MATIS


Lacuna sits staring at the flames of Aleeskandaro’s camp fire.  Alees is not sure if she is talking to him or some unseen interlocutor.

‘Have you ever wondered what really happened to the Momo?’

‘Everyone knows, the Matis wiped them out, Lac. There is no conspiracy.’

‘That is a lie!  Just look at the Cutes, Gibbaï and Frahar, they share one feature - they are all ugly, monstrosities who are antagonistic to all homins.  If the Matis are not really the Momo how to do you explain how ugly they are.  Pasty faced freaks, the lot of them!’

Alees coughed and nearly choked on his beer.  ’So, let’s get this straight, you think the Matis are really the Momo!  You think I am a Momo!’ 

Not taking her eyes of the fire, Lacuna retorted: ‘I don’t think, I know!  It’s so obvious!  The Matis were peaceful homins who lived in harmony with Atys and the Momo consumed with jealousy for what the Matis had built rose up and slaughtered them and took their place!  The truth stares us in the face everyday - the Matis are the Momo!  Just look at the way they run, like they have a stick up their bum - walking upright does not come naturally to them.’

‘How much have you had to drink, Lac?’  Alees ‘accidentally’ stretched out a leg and knocked over Lacuna’s beer.

‘I’m not drunk!  Look, if the Matis are not really the Momo, how else do you explain Divinesoul!’  


For some reason, that Lacuna has never been able to understand, homins refuse to believe her explanations of what is really happening on Atys.  Her sisters never believed her that there was a guild house ghost who kept stealing all the dappers from the lockbox.  To be fair that was just her with a sheet over her head, but still they could have trusted her.  And she only had to make up that story after they stopped believing her that Bones was the thief.  This lack of trust really hurts.  

But I am not lying about the lumpers.

[OOC to be continued… ]


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