Guild island

Current issues:
-There's no way to close the scenographic editor without leaving the guild island. Closing the window still leaves you in editing mode.
-Currently, it is impossible to remove groups from the scenographic editor. Clicking remove does nothing.
-If you click move, rotate, or scale on an object the only way to cancel that action that I know of is right click, and that deletes the object
-With collision boxes on placed objects only being rectangles, there's currently no way to make a building with an interior (unless you're ok with being able to walk through the walls)
-Most Shape List sections don't seem to make much sense at the moment (for example, there's a Karavan section, but most Karavan shapes are in Generic Mission)

-(long shot) can we have the old Ryzom Ring editor instead of the current Scenographic Editor? It was WAYYY easier to use, and could do so much more.
-Will we ever be able to place mobs to fight on our islands? If yes, will they give appropriate XP and loot?
-Will we ever be able to place harvestable materials on our islands?
-How do you invite someone to your guild's island? There's a visitors entrance, but I can't find a way to get a visitor in.
-Will we ever have the ability to create missions within our guild islands?
-Will we be able to purchase teleport pacts (perhaps tradeable ones?) for our guild islands?


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